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December 7, 2012
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Eluna Species Reference - Now Doing Customs by sylvienoir Eluna Species Reference - Now Doing Customs by sylvienoir
DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN ELUNA. Custom application at the bottom.
I own Eluni and you can only obtain one through ME and only ME via adopt or custom.
There are a limited number of them in the world, and I will decide how many there are.
Depending on feedback, I might make a few adoptables to see how it goes.
Background made by :iconvdore:

-There are no specific genders for Eluni, all though one may have a more feminine look/personality or a more masculine look/personality.

-They are solitary creatures, but will tolerate another Eluna's presence.

-Their marking is the source of their power. They draw upon it whenever they want to communicate or whenever they want to influence their element. They do not influence their element very often or in large ways over a short period of time. The only reason their element will get sickly is if they are angry. (ex: fires, reduced flora or fauna growth, little rain, windy days) Otherwise, their purpose of existence is to help maintain the balance and flow.
It takes lots of energy to make big changes, so they are most powerful whenever their anger is fueling them. In any other situation it might take decades of meditation to instill a large change.

-An earth Eluna might have vines, leaves, or flowers growing around them as a fire Eluna might be hot to the touch or leave lightly scorched earth in their wake. Wind Eluna might be translucent and sporadic, while water Eluna might always have a cool, damp coat.

-Their marking usually represents their element in design and color. Whenever they are using their powers, the marking will glow faintly, barely noticeable. It can be represented anywhere on their body.

-As stated above, their "feet" do not touch the ground. They still make the motions of walking, trotting, or galloping, giving them a very smooth, graceful image.
They are spirit creatures, so they manipulate their surroundings. Their surroundings usually don't dictate anything about them.

-Some Eluni can live up to 100,000 years, but most die out within a few thousand years.
Earth Eluni are alone in the facts that they may only live a few hundred years.

-Whenever Eluni leave their specific element, they will die. The only way an Eluni can leave is if it chooses to. They cannot be forced from it.

-There is great respect for one another's elements. An Earth Eluna won't grow its forest over a Water Eluna's river, because that is the worst pain of all.

-They do not suffer physical pain. Only mental pain.

-They do not eat except for taste. They might like weird foods like spaghetti and meatballs or chocolate cake and might do everything they can to get it secretly.
Sometimes they will eat inedible things, such as rocks, dirt, wood, ect.
They only way to replenish their energy is to rest. Sometimes they will sleep for years if their element is in a balanced state. Interrupting the balance will wake them up. EX: starting a forest fire will alert an Eluna and wake it up so it can deal with the infraction.

-Sometimes they will approach a curious human if they feel it would help their element. EX: a Water Eluna might approach a wanderer if people are dumping waste into their lake.
They know that they cannot control anything outside of their element, so they will get help where they can. If their element is completely destroyed, they die.

They are born from their element in the following ways:

Earth: A bountiful land gives this Eluna its life. They can live in plains, forests, deserts, or any other land. Their appearance matches the appearance of the land to better camouflage. These are the most common Eluni, but live the least amount of time.
Water: Eluni born of water are always near lakes, streams, oceans, or rivers. They have an average-sized population.
Wind: Lives in the mountains or wide, open spaces. There are about as many wind Eluni are there are Water Eluni.
Fire: These live near volcanoes and can travel under the crust of the earth to manipulate the mantle, which move the continents and create more land. These Eluni are rarely seen, but there are almost as many of them as Earth Eluni. They are usually meditating inside the mantle, communicating over large distances with other Eluni. Since Fire Eluni can be so destructive, even on accident, other Eluni might chase them off of their territory to keep them from hurting their elements. Many other Eluni don't realize that Fire Eluni are very important until they are much older and have seen for themselves the awesome power and determination they display over millions of years. These live the longest.

If you would like a custom, please fill out this application:
Horns or antlers: y/n, if yes describe
Ear type: any kind of ear, or no ears
Tail type: any type of tail, or no tail
Shaggy chest: y/n
Mane: y/n, if yes describe what it looks like or if it has things in it like flowers or birds or something like that
Coat color:
Marking color:
Marking placement:

Element specifics. Fill out respectively.

- Wind
Wings:y/n, if yes describe
Opacity: low, high
What would you like them to leave in their wake? Would you like their hair to be constantly whipping around them? Describe the way you want to represent Wind and Air.

- Earth
Left in wake: (budding flowers, sprouts, upturned dirt)
Would you like there to be vines growing around their horns/antlers? A bird to perch atop their antlers/horns? Flowers growing in their hair? Snakes curling around their legs? Anything is possible.

- Water
Fins: y/n, if yes describe
Gills: y/n, if yes describe
Scales: y/n, if yes describe
Would you like them to be dripping water? Have a shiny, wet coat? Leave puddles behind them? If they're swimming, would fish follow them? Tell me about anything you'd like to add.

- Fire
Should they scorch the ground they walk on? Made of molten rock or pure flame? Maybe they just have flames for a mane, or a flamey chest shag. Maybe they are just flame-colored, or hot to the touch. Maybe they're scorched black or bright blue and yellow flames.

Tell me if there's anything you want to add. Once the Eluna is yours, you may sell it for no more than you bought it, and you must pass that information on to the next owner, and they must also follow the rule. Please, be responsible with your Eluni, and don't make them tyrants that try to take over nature. Their only purpose is for balance. I have every right to revoke the right of your ownership of an Eluna if I see fit. Once I give back the points, it's mine again whether I have your consent or not.
This will only happen grudgingly. I will be sure to warn you plenty of times before I revoke your Eluna. Please don't be the person I have to take an Eluna away from. That would make me very, very sad.

An Eluna is 10pts, and 1pt more for each addition.

An Eluna with antlers, flames, a shaggy chest, a mane, a tail, and a kirin horn would be 16pts

Even if you think you have calculated correctly, do not send pts until I give you your total.

Have fun! :)
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Syntheses Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wrong place. Hide that or something if you want, I'm being stupid because I just woke up. :iconfacepalmplz:
sylvienoir Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
It's okay, I'll accept applications on here too :)
Syntheses Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I love these, they look and sound amazing. That's why I'll adopt a custom one :)

Element: Fire (Not just so it's rare, by the way, It's just the only one I think suits dark colors)
Horns or antlers: Antlers, something slightly fire-like.
Ear type: Just whatever's normal
Tail type: Long, shaggy tail, kind of like fire
Shaggy chest: I have points to spare, so sure
Mane: No
Coat color: black
Marking color: Dark red
Marking placement: Chest and underbelly, and most of tail.

Element stuff-
Scorches the ground.
sylvienoir Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
All of the elements suite the colors that you like. Remember, there's a plethora of colors that correspond with everything.
They don't have a normal would you like something canine, feline, deer-like?
Also, the marking is rather small. Could you choose a more remote part of the body?
Syntheses Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Well that was a stupid thing of me to say, I keep forgetting what I'm talking about. How about a few stripes on its back?
sylvienoir Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
Okay, sound good :)
I'll get started on it on Tues.
Syntheses Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Okay :)
sylvienoir Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
Syntheses Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Maybe fox like ears? And if the markings included the chin and tip of the muzzle, would that be okay?
SecretEnigma Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Student General Artist
I gotta get some points :D
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